Nightly Build Snapshots of Buildroot, U-Boot, and the Linux Kernel

The snapshots below contain the latest stable sources that built successfully for the Xtensa architecture, as well as pre-built binaries for the Diamond 232L Standard Core Rev.B (dc232b variant). The automated test only checks for a successful build, so the resulting code may or may not run correctly. These snapshots include versions of Buildroot, U-Boot, and the Linux kernel.

It is usually preferable to use git to access sources (see below) rather than use snapshots. This leaves you in a good position to push any changes you make upstream, and simplifies discussions on these changes. Directions for building everything from sources for the Xtensa architecture, whether building sources from a snapshot or from a git repository, are in these Buildroot Build Instructions.

repositories from and use stable branches/tags rather than using snapshots.
xtensa_snapshot.tar.gz --- Latest buildable sources (xtensa-2.6.29-smp kernel)
dc232b_snapshot.tar.gz --- Latest kernel, U-Boot and toolchain binaries (for the older dc232b variant)

Direct GIT Access to Buildroot, U-Boot, and the Linux Kernel

An alternate method of obtaining snapshots is from the GIT web interface, which can create a snapshot of any GIT repository on-the-fly. First follow the GIT link at the top right of this page (or here). Navigate to (click on) the desired git repository. If you want any branch other than "master", click on the desired branch at the bottom of the repository's page (in the heads section). And finally, click on the snapshot link (rightmost) in the latest commit line (first line in the shortlog section). This downloads a compressed tarball of the selected contents of the git repository.

Here are a few shortcuts links to git repositories containing stable versions of the sources.
Note: The stable buildroot git repository referenced below inadvertently has added content that make it unreasonably large (will take an evening to download with our current link). It's good for development as most of the development tools (gcc, gdb, make) are known to work fine.

Linux kernel git repository snapshot (stable) --- Recent most stable Linux kernel (xtensa-2.6.29-smp, master branch)

Buildroot git repository snapshot (stable) --- Most stable buildroot (buildroot-xtensa-HiFi2-Snapshot, snapshot_2+SMP branch)

Some patches and packages like O-Profile need to to updated in this one:

Buildroot git repository snapshot (experimental) --- Development/experimental version of buildroot (buildroot-xtensa, master branch)

U-Boot git repository snapshot (stable) --- Stable version of U-Boot

Outdated Snapshots

These ancient snapshots include versions of Buildroot and the Linux kernel that have been specifically tested to work together, as well as build documentation that matches those snapshots.

linux-xtensa-20080711.tar.gz -- (Release Notes) --- Based on Linux 2.6.24
linux-xtensa-20080123.tar.gz -- (Release Notes) --- Based on Linux 2.6.24

Other Files

redboot1.3.1-RB2007.2.tgz --- Old version of RedBoot (use U-Boot instead -- don't expect anyone to know how to help with RedBoot)
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